12 Outdoor Date Ideas

Need some ideas for a different date night/day? Dinner and a movie can get old after a while. Head into the outdoors for your next date spot. Keep reading for inspiration on our 12 Outdoor Date Ideas.

1. Go Hiking

Take a road trip together to a favorite hiking spot or stick to some of the trails right here in Alabama.

Bankhead National Forest – Double Springs, AL

Cheaha State Park – Delta, AL

Conecuh National Forest – Escambia County, AL

Desoto State Park – Fort Payne, AL

Gulf State Park – Gulf Shores, AL

Little River Canyon – Fort Payne, AL

Meaher State Park – Spanish Fort, AL

Oak Mountain State Park – Pelham, AL

Perdido River Trail – Robertsdale, AL

Walls of Jericho – Estillfork, AL

Sipsey Wilderness Area – Lawrence County, AL

2. Take a Walk in a Local Garden

Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Mobile Botanical Gardens

3. Go Camping

12 Outdoor Date Ideas
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Go big or go home! Plan a camping trip together at some of these places in Alabama:

Bankhead National Forest – Double Springs, AL

Bartram Canoe Trail – Stockton, AL

Cheaha State Park – Delta, AL

Conecuh National Forest – Escambia County, AL

Desoto State Park – Fort Payne, AL

Dismals Canyon – Campbell, AL

Gulf State Park – Gulf Shores, AL

Oak Mountain State Park – Pelham, AL

Talladega National Forest – Brent, AL

Sipsey Wilderness Area – Lawrence County, AL

4. Go to a Local Farmer’s Market

Looking for a quick date idea? Support your local farmer’s market and spend a couple of hours there!

Ted and Nancy’s Fruitstand

5. Walk on the Beach

12 Outdoor Date Ideas
Ashleigh Kerr

A relaxing walk on the beach is hard to pass up. Especially when in good company!

Dauphin Island

Gulf Shores

Orange Beach

Bon Secour

6. Have a Picnic

Ditch the restaurants for a day. Instead, pack a lunch and head to a local park for a tasty picnic!

Medal of Honor Park – Mobile, AL

Municipal (Langan) Park – Mobile, AL

Mobile Botanical Gardens – Mobile, AL

Gulf State Park – Mobile, AL

7. Sit Around a Fire

For some reason, sitting around a fire causes good conversation to start. Enjoy a night relaxing around the fire with your significant other.   

8. Chill in a Hammock

12 Outdoor Date Ideas
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Don’t want to go anywhere? How about your backyard! Chilling in a hammock can be one of the most relaxing ways to spend a sunny afternoon outside together.

9. Watch the Sunset

12 Outdoor Date Ideas
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Watching a sunset is peaceful, romantic, beautiful and just a great way to spend the remainder of a gorgeous day. Celebrate the end of the by watching the sunset together at your favorite spot.

10. Go for a Bike Ride

Spend a day pedaling through town or on trails together. Great way to both spend quality time together and exercise! Here are some great bike trails in Alabama

Longleaf Trace Trail – Hattiesburg, MS

Dauphin Island Bike Trails – Dauphin Island, AL

Blakeley State Park – Spanish Fort, AL

Graham Creek Preserve – Foley, AL

Robertsdale Biking Trail – Robertsdale, AL

Yoholo Micco, The Creek Indian Trail – Eufaula, AL

Chief Ladiga Trail – Calhoun County, AL

Decatur Trail – Decatur, AL

Richard Martin Trail – Limestone County, AL

11. Go Stargazing

End the day by sitting under the stars. Head out on a clear night to some place without a lot of lights. We recommend going to Dauphin Island for a better view of the night sky.

12. Kayaking

Instagram: Red Beard’s Outfitter

Take a day out on the water together. Maybe opt for single instead of tandem kayaks if you have very little patience…you’ve been warned! Whatever you decide to do, check out some of these rivers to kayak on:

Bartram Canoe Trails – Stockton, AL

Perdido River Canoe Trail – Robertsdale, AL

Styx River – Robertsdale, AL

Blackwater River Trail – Milton, FL

Okatoma River – Seminary, MS

Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day date, an anniversary, or a date for any other day of the year, make it fun! Trying something new or different can make any date more enjoyable. Next time, consider an outdoor date in the fresh air and in nature. Let these 12 Outdoor Date Ideas inspire you for your next adventure with your significant other!

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