9 Top Reviewed Trail Apps

Having your trail map, information about your destination and a way of contacting others all fitting in one pocket sure does come in handy while you’re out in nature. Check out 9 of the top reviewed trail apps you should download for your next adventure. 

National Park Service 

9 Top Reviewed Trail Apps

Now you can learn all about the over 420 National Parks right from your phone! The app was created by  NPS staff, people who truly know about the parks. Here you can access interactive maps, tours of park places, on-the-ground accessibility information plus other helpful features. You can choose to go somewhere far away or somewhere close by like the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

  • Interactive Maps: these include points of interest, roads, trails, and other information. 
  • Find and visit national parks – you can also see what sort of news and events are occurring 
  • Park Tours: Take a park ranger with you. Self guided tours allow you to find new places in the parks, It can be popular destinations or ones that are off the beaten trail! 
  • Amenities: find out where the transportation, food, restrooms, shopping, and more.
  • News, Alerts & Events: Find out the latest news on all of the parks or a specific one. 
  • Offline Use: Easily access maps, lists of places and other content. This will come in handy when you’re at a remote place in a park and don’t have any cell service. 

All Trails 

One of the best things about this app is that the information comes from other experienced users. This app lets you find the perfect trail suited for you based on reviews, location, or the activity you will be doing. 

  • You can easily access over 100,000 hiking trails and mountain bike routes (largest collection of detailed, hand-curated maps)
  • Hand curated GPS and topo map
  • Look through photos and reviews of others who have been to know what to expect 
  • Find your trail: Filter your options based on the activity you plan on doing (hike, mountain bike, trail run) or if it is dog friendly, kid friendly and wheelchair accessible. You can also filter it based on the level of difficulty you want. 
  • GPS Tracker: record your activity so that you won’t get lost. You can also record your pace, distance, elevation and max speed. 
  • Share your location with friends or family using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. 
  • Save Your Trails: Found a favorite trail? Save it on the app so you can easily revisit it again. 
  • Directions: Use the GPS provided if you need to know how to get to that trail. 
  • Offline Use: Download maps for easy access while you’re in an area without service. 
  • More features are available with All Trails Pro  

Gaia GPS

You can use Gaia to navigate, track and explore new trails. It’s very useful for hiking, biking, hunting, camping, skiing and exploring backroads.

  • Backpacking: Use the routing tools to plan your trip and measure the distance, altitude and elevation change. You can even see what the weather forecast will be like at your destination. 
  • Day hiking: You can both find new hiking trails and navigate them using the app. 
  • Camping and overlanding: Find a campsite on the road or deep in the backcountry. It also provides public land data so that you can stay legal, maps with campsites, parks, and forests, as well as weather overlays.
  • Backcountry skiing and mountaineering: Planning a trip in the mountains? Apply slope-angle shading and 24-, 48-,and 72-hour Snowfall and Precipitation Forecast overlays to create custom backcountry skiing maps, plan tours, and scout avalanche terrain.
  • Hunting: For those who like to hunt this app gives very useful information. Build custom hunting maps that include public land designations, private land ownership, and state-by-state hunting units.
  • Mountain biking: Here you can get access to both private and public land biking trail maps. For easier use, mount your phone to your handlebars. 
  • Professional use: Firefighters, Search and Rescue teams, Land Manager, GIS Techs, and Guides can easily be informed now. Route to GPS coordinates, plot fire perimeters, view recent wildfires, and share maps, tracks, and waypoints with your team. Guides can mark routes, campsites, and water sources, and share hard-to-find approaches and descents with clients and fellow guides.

onX Hunt

For those who like to hunt, this is the app for you. Here you can view private and public land, ownership maps, hunting units, roads and all trails, U.S. topographic maps and more. 

  • Offline maps
  • Location tracking GPS for hunting
  • Aerial view maps
  • Hunting units/Game Management Units (GMU) for multiple species
  • Measure the distance between tree stands, hunt stands and blinds
  • Customize your own waypoints (parked car, campground, hunt stand, etc.)
  • Measure acreage to easily measure food plots
  • Topographic quad maps
  • DNR maps


9 Top Reviewed Trail Apps

This isn’t your ordinary GPS app. Ever wanted to know the name of that mountain you saw while on your last trip? Import a picture to easily identify which one you got to see!

  • 3D maps: Using a topo map with high-precision terrain modeling you can see exactly the kind of landscape you will encounter. You can easily find more information about mountainous area, its trails, summits, passes, viewpoints, and even parking areas
  • Identify Mountains: Find out more about mountains nearby or hundreds of miles away. You can even import a picture of a mountain that you recently visited to get more information about it such as altitude, topographic prominence, mountain range, what national parks or reserves it may belong to, as well as photos and additional Wikipedia articles
  • Plan Hiking Routes: Plan your next adventure by evaluating the distance you can expect to hike, a route’s elevation profile and estimated time for completion.
  • GPS Tracker: Track your time on the trails. You can also see the stats on your elevation gain, walking distance and your path in a 3D view. 
  • Ski and Snowboard: This handy app is very useful for those who enjoy the slopes. The topo 3D maps help users better understand the terrain as well as information about mountain lifts, ski runs and popular backcountry skiing opportunities. 
  • Offline: The whole app is ready to use for when you are off grid!


This social networking app allows users to share information about nature that they encounter. Whether it was a wild animal or a strange-looking plant, asking experts within the network can give you a much better understanding of what you saw.  

  • Identification suggestions: Found a plant or animal that you want to know more about? Take or import a photo and view the top 10 most visually similar species matches and tap through to get more information. 
  • Feedback from our community: Start a conversation with others within the network about nature. Can’t identify the organism? Asking others with more expertise can give a much better understanding of the nature around you. 
  • Keep a record of all living things: Create and add to your list of what you have seen while out in nature. 


While being outdoors is rewarding, it’s important to stay safe. Especially if you plan on exploring alone. This app provides friends and family with your information to keep you safe.

  • Get found if you’re overdue: 
    • Notify: Your safety contacts will be notified if you are overdue from your trip. 
    • GPS Tracking: specific contacts can see your location while on your hike. 
    • Rescue Advice: contacts can get important information for making rescue decisions
  • Stay Connected: Know where others have found cell service. Download maps. Send status updates with a single tap. 
  • See Trail Stats
    • Live distance, elevation gain and eta stats
    • Customize it based on your activity
    • Record and save your trail

Guthook Guides

9 Top Reviewed Trail Apps

This is another awesome app for finding new trails to go to. 

  • Works offline
  • Detailed maps: GPS location, detailed routes and waypoints
  • Route Builder Tool: Create your own custom route to plan your trip 
  • Stay Informed: Read real-time waypoint comments by other hikers and leave your own
  • Stay Safe: Keep your friends and family updated on where you are


It always happens. You say “I will never forget this.” About 20 minutes later you’re scratching your head trying to remember what it was. Ramblr lets you blog about your trip so that you can always remember every detail. 

  • Track Your Route: See where you’ve been and also where you will be going
  • Relive Your Trip: Upload pictures, videos and audio to look back on
  • Stats: Check out the stats of your speed, duration, distance and highest point. 
  • GPS: Use the built in GPS to find your way
  • Offline: Download maps so that you can access them when you don’t have any service
  • Get Inspired: Looking for ideas for what your next trip should be? Look at the stories of others and see all that they got to do! 

Wherever you decide to go, be sure to plan ahead so that you know what you’ll be getting into. Check out these 9 top reviewed trail apps when you’re ready for your next adventure!

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