Gravel Landing: Directions

Follow these directions to arrive at Gravel Landing on the Perdido River Trail.

From Red Beard’s Outfitter:

4354 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Get on I-65 S from Old Shell Rd and W I-65 Service Rd N 5 min (1.7 mi):

  • Head south toward Old Shell Rd (213 ft) Perdido River Trail
  • Turn left onto Old Shell Rd (1.0 mi)
  • Turn left onto W I-65 Service Rd N (0.4 mi)
  • Turn right onto SpringHill Ave (79 ft)
  • Turn right to merge onto I-65 S toward I-10 (0.2 mi)

Continue on Co Rd 64. Drive to Old Pensacola Rd (County Rd 112) 14 min (12.3 mi):

  • Turn left onto Co Rd 64 (7.1 mi)
  • Turn right onto Old Pensacola Rd (County Rd 112) (5.2 mi)

River Rd

  • Turn left onto River Rd
Turn from County Rd. 112
Image of sign at County Rd 112 and River Rd

Travel 1.2 miles from County Rd 112 to the intersection pictured below and turn left.

First major intersection: Stay to the right
Sign at first major intersection

Hold on for a long ride… we will try to give some landmarks to help you keep from losing your nerve that you may have somehow gone the wrong way.  This portion of the trip is 8 miles to Gravel Landing and the gravel makes it feel like 20 miles.

Travel 0.3 miles to the intersection (pictured below) and turn left.

Intersection to turn left
  • In 0.4 miles you will encounter your first of 3 bridges.
  • 1 mile later you will pass Ray Rd on your left.
  • 0.2 miles after Ray Rd you come to a water crossing… it is deep but has a good gravel bottom (at the least as of 1/1/21).
  • After the crossing, it is 1.3 miles to the 2nd bridge.
  • From there it is 2.9 miles to the 3rd and final bridge.
  • After the bridge, it is 1.9 miles to Gravel Landing.

Congratulations!!! You made it!!!

Kiosk and sign at Gravel Landing

When hiking through the Perdido River Trail, you will find that it closely follows the canoe trail. It is about 20 miles long, beginning at Blue Lake Landing, Staplefork Landing in the middle, and ending at Gravel Landing.

Gravel Landing is the northernmost landing for the 19 mile Alabama State Lands Perdido Canoe Trail. To access Gravel Landing from State Highway 112, turn onto Staple Fork Road then follow the signs to the landing. It provides boaters with access to all shelters and the southern two landings on the trail. Shelters accessible from this landing are Nelson DitchPeaden LakeLoggerhead Creek, and Swamp Field Shelters. Landings accessible from this landing are Staple Fork and Blue Lake Landings.

You can read more here for additional information about this Forever Wild tract and the Perdido River Wildlife Management Area.