Inspiring Adventure on Campus

Getting ready to go back to school? If you’re dreading the switch from sunlight to fluorescent light, don’t fear! Red Beard’s has put together a list of ways to get hard-working students back to their outdoor roots.

Since Red Beard’s is local to Mobile, our list focuses on the University of South Alabama but these suggestions could be applied to almost any university or municipality! To find more specific suggestions to your area, contact your university’s campus recreation department.


Try Disc Golf!

Whether there’s a course on campus or within driving distance, disc golf has become widely popular in recent years. Very little equipment is needed and the rules are relatively simple, so find a friend and look for a course near you. If you’ll be at South this fall, click here to find a map of the course.


USA Bike and Nature Trails

Did you know that the University of South Alabama has its very own trail system on campus? Both the Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail and the bike trails provide a wooded walk of wanderlust in the midst of a chaotic campus.

While most universities don’t have a series of trails right on campus, many local universities are located within driving distance of a good trailhead. To find more information, try contacting your university’s campus recreation department.


Outdoor Adventures

The University of South Alabama and many other universities provide an Outdoor Adventure department for their students. At South, this department schedules trips for students, rents equipment, and provides instruction on how to use it. Click the link here to learn more.