Local Artists

Charles Smith

Charles Smith Pottery

Charles Smith is a well-known and well-liked Mobile, AL, potter who began his career in the early 1970’s: “I began studying art after a tour of duty in Vietnam, the trauma surrounding the war made me want to pursue the arts.”

He has exhibited all over the country, including the National Museum of American Art in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and the American Craft Museum in New York City.

Lights Of Love Candles

Lights of Love Candles

Your handcrafted candle was created by the teenagers of a Christian ministry called Light of the Village (LOV). LOV is located in Prichard, one of the most violent cities in Alabama. Teens from this community make candles weekly to help raise their own funds to go on mission trips and share Christ’s message of faith, hope, and love. Thank you for helping them spread the Light.

"The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." - John 1:5

Margaret Raiford

Two people

Two of Margaret Raiford's grandchildren had eczema, and that started her love of soap making. Her first soap was the Oatmeal Honey Bar, it has a soothing moisturizing property and honey is great for dry and damaged skin. This soap relieved her grandchildren's itching skin within days!  Now she offers nine different varieties of all natural soap and a lip balm.

"Something that born out of necessity has become a my passion. I love soap making!"

Tom Rasmussen


I have enjoed working with wood, in one form or another, for most of my life.  Since my retirement, I have focused intently on woodturning.  The grain, knots, voids, etc. that are exposed are nature's art.  I loke to work with rough - sometimes half-rotten - wood that has been discared to bring out the beauty of the piece.  Holding the piece on the lathe and working around the rough edges, knot holes and spalted wood is a skill I am still trying to learn.

Joy Eden

They Joy Fund Project

The JOY FUND was established February 2012 by the Aspen Emporium & Flying Circus in Aspen, Colorado. This fund was created after I went into sudden cardiac arrest in the shop while on vacation. I was fortunate the shop owner was able to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived and revived me with an AED. The JOY FUND provides funds for AED training and devices in local retail shops in our community. The JOY FUND project is my way to give back to the community in Aspen CO that saved my life. I create one of a kind, vintage, upcycled aprons. All proceeds go directly to the JOY FUND.

Bynon Studio

Bynon Studio

Randy and Ronda Bynon are a husband and wife team. Randy started his journey in photography in 1984 and he introduced Ronda to the art in 2009. Ronda has always had her own creative outlet as an artist doing oil on canvas most of her life but recently branching out into pottery. When she met Randy, she became interested in photography, not only as an art form in itself, but to help inspire her painting. Together they form an amazing, creative team. They both bring an insight into their art that renders fantastic results.

Elizabeth Haskins

Elizabeth Haskins

Handcrafted jewelry not only defines the person who wears it, but also plays an important role in accessorizing. I believe that design is an integral aspect of this process. Through the use of bold and unusual, semi precious stones and silversmithing techniques, I create unusual as well as functional pieces. Some of my designs are influenced by nature; while others are abstract in appearance. My focus is to continuously explore new avenues of design and technique in order to bring personality to the wearer of my work.