Staplefork Landing: Directions

Follow these directions to arrive at Staplefork Landing on the Perdido River Trail.

From Red Beard’s Outfitter:

51 Kenneth St, Mobile, AL 36607

Get on I-10 from Kenneth St 5 min (1.7 mi):

  • Head south toward Kenneth St (.11 mi)
  • Turn left onto Dauphin St (1.6 mi)
  • Turn right onto S Broad St/US-45 S/US-43 S/US-98 E/AL-42. (.13 mi)
  • Turn left onto Government St/US-90 E/US-98 E/AL-42/AL-16. Continue to follow US-90 E/US-98 E/AL-42/AL-16. (1.43 mi)
  • Take the I-10 E ramp. (.3 mi)

Take I-10 E to Co Rd 64 in Baldwin County. Take exit 53 from I-10 E25 min (25.46 mi):

  • Merge onto I-10 E. (25.46 mi)

Continue on Co Rd 64. Drive to Old Pensacola Rd (County Rd 112) 14 min (12.3 mi):

  • Turn left onto Co Rd 64 (7.1 mi)
  • Turn right onto Old Pensacola Rd (County Rd 112) (5.2 mi)

River Rd

  • Turn left onto River Rd
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Turn from County Rd 112
Gravel Landing Perdido River Trail
Directions to Staplefork Landing

Travel 1.2 miles from County Rd 112 to the intersection pictured below and turn right.

First major intersection: Stay to the right
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Sign at first major intersection

Travel 0.7 miles to the fork (pictured below) and turn left.

Second intersection: Turn left
Staplefork Landing Perdido River Trail
Sign at second intersection

Travel 0.8 miles to the parking area for the Perdido River Trail at Staplefork Landing.  You will find a kiosk and the sign pictured below.

Sign at parking for Staplefork Landing
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Kiosk at Staplefork Landing parking area

Begin walking downhill on the gravel road and you will see the trail markings in the pictures below.

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Walk downhill and see the trail crossing
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Perdido River Trail looking south

Happy hiking!!!

When hiking through the Perdido River Trail, you will find that it closely follows the canoe trail that begins at Blue Lake Landing and ends at Gravel Landing. The trail is about 20 miles long. Staplefork Landing is in the middle, which will give hikers roughly ten miles to hike to and from this part of the trail. Shelters accessible from this Staplefork Landing are Loggerhead Creek and Swamp Field Shelters. Landings accessible from this landing are Blue Lake Landing. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy your time on the Perdido River Trail.

You can read more here for additional information about this Forever Wild tract and the Perdido River Wildlife Management Area.