Zach’s Climbing Experience

Zach's Climbing Experience

At Red Beard’s Outfitter, we are driven to help you get ready for your adventures and then being able to hear about the awesome time you had. That does not just stop with our customers. Our employee, Zach, has the time of his life when he’s rock climbing. Keep reading to learn more from Zach’s climbing experience.

Favorite Place

Rock climbing is such an amazing sport. You get to experience places from a different view that not many people can say they’ve seen. My favorite place I’ve ever been climbing was at Linville Gorge in North Carolina. It was 5 or 6 pitches (around 500 feet) of the most beautiful climbing I’ve ever done. At the top of the climb before you head down a hiking trail we got to snack on some wild blueberries that were in season. Most rewarding snack ever. 

Favorite Gear

Some of my go-to-gear I’ve gotten from Red Beard’s that I couldn’t climb with out would definitely be my rope (wouldn’t recommend climbing without one) and my Petzl GriGri

Petzl GriGri

Advice For Beginners

For any people reading this who are interested in climbing and don’t really know where to start, I would recommend stopping by the store and talking to one of the employees or going to a local climbing gym and get comfortable with the sport before venturing into outdoor rock climbing. That is unless you have a friend or a friend of a friend who is knowledgeable that could teach you the skills you need to know to stay safe and to have the most fun possible! 

Whether you are a pro rock climber or are just getting started, we want to hear about all of the awesome adventures you have had!

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